MBR0520LT1G: Overview, Features, and Applications

The MBR0520LT1G is a surface mount Schottky Power Rectifier with a compact SOD-123 package, typically used in power supply and other applications that necessitate high-frequency switching and low voltage drop. Here's an overview of its features and common applications:


  • Type: Schottky Power Rectifier
  • Package: SOD-123
  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor



  1. Low Forward Voltage Drop: It offers a low forward voltage drop, making it suitable for efficient rectification in high-frequency applications.

  2. Fast Switching: The diode is known for its fast switching speed, which is beneficial for high-speed switching applications.

  3. Low Leakage Current: It has a low reverse current, which is advantageous in applications requiring minimal leakage.

  4. SOD-123 Package: The SOD-123 package is designed for surface mount applications, allowing for easy integration into printed circuit boards.


  1. Power Supply Output Rectification: The MBR0520LT1G is commonly used in power supply circuits for rectifying AC to DC, especially in situations where low forward voltage drop and high frequency operation are crucial.

  2. Switching Power Supplies: Due to its fast switching characteristics, it is an ideal choice for use in switching power supply designs, where efficiency and high-frequency operation are essential.

  3. Reverse Polarity Protection: It can be used to protect electronics from damage due to reverse polarity connections. Placing this diode in series with the circuit provides a low resistance path in the forward bias direction and high resistance in the reverse bias direction.

  4. DC-DC Converters: The diode can be utilized in DC-DC converter applications where high efficiency and fast response times are necessary.

  5. Freewheeling Diode: In inductive load applications, such as motor control circuits, it can be used as a freewheeling diode to provide a path for the inductive current when the switch is turned off.

  6. Voltage Clamping: It can also be used for voltage clamping in various circuits to prevent voltage spikes from damaging other components.

The MBR0520LT1G, with its low forward voltage drop, fast switching speed, and low leakage current, is widely used in various power-related applications, especially in high-frequency and high-efficiency designs such as power supplies, converters, and protective circuits.

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